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Flexi-Tile & Renobuild Flooring Project

Flexi-Tile were delighted to work on a recent flooring refurbishment project with Renobuild, a flooring contractor based in Wexford. Renobuild were seeking a suitable flooring solution for their client, Wanderers Rugby Club who were planning to install new flooring in their club.

The client specified their preference for a hard-wearing and durable flooring solution that would be suitable for the team changing rooms and surrounding corridors however they didn’t want to compromise on comfort and style. Having partnered with Flexi-Tile on previous projects, Renobuild selected our range of interlocking PVC tiles as the ideal solution for their client.

Flexi-Tile PVC tiles are hard-wearing, robust and able to withstand the impact of heavy footfall and in this case, potential damage from studded rugby boots. Flexi-Tile is also a low maintenance flooring solution with the added benefit of being extremely easy to clean.

Renobuild contacted Alizée, one of our Flexi-Tile flooring experts to discuss suitable tiles for this project and together they selected Flexi-Tile 7 Industrial in a black studded finish together with Flexi-Tile 7 Industrial blue studded tiles to provide differentiation to the overall pattern and help outline corridor walkways – the end result looks fantastic, practical yet stylish- an ideal flooring solution for a sports club.

If you are searching for hard wearing flooring tiles, then Flexi-Tile PVC interlocking tiles are an ideal solution. Manufactured for industrial, commercial and retail use, Flexi-Tile can be used across a wide variety of applications. For expert flooring advice and solutions, contact our sales team today on 028 9262 5898.

Tiles used in project: Flexi-Tile 7 Industrial

Colour selected: Black and Blue

 Finish: Studded

Rugby club corridorFlexi Tile 7 Blue Tile1Tex BK Corner 0001Flexi-Tile 7 Industrial Blue and BlackFlexi-Tile 7 Industrial Blue and Black