Outdoor terrace with Flexi-Tile flooring tiles

Why Choose Flexi-Tile Flooring?

Outdoor Durability

Flexi-Tile interlocking PVC outdoor tiles offer a robust and durable outdoor floor covering while maintaining a stylish look for various outdoor settings.

In-House Manufacturing

Manufactured in our factory using high-performance polymer (HHP), these outdoor tiles are engineered to withstand the elements, making them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic or exposure to the outdoor environment.

10–year Guarantee for Outdoor Use

Flexi-Tile provides a ten-year guarantee for our outdoor tiles, and they typically exhibit a durability of at least 20 years. Quality that stands the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your outdoor flooring needs.

Minimal Preparation for Outdoor Spaces

Our interlocking PVC outdoor tiles can be easily laid over a variety of surfaces, including uneven terrain or cracked concrete providing a visually pleasing and even outdoor flooring solution.

Swift Installation for Outdoor Areas

Enjoy a quick and easy installation process for your outdoor spaces with our PVC outdoor tiles. Minimal subfloor preparation is needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Clever Modular Interlocking System

The modular interlocking floor tile system allows for fast and easy installation, as well as a gradual completion in stages if required.

Anti-Slip for Outdoor Safety

Designed with outdoor safety in mind, our outdoor tiles feature anti-slip properties, providing excellent traction even in wet conditions. This ensures a secure outdoor environment for both residents and visitors.

Easy to Clean for Outdoor Maintenance

Flexi-Tile outdoor tiles are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Whether it’s sweeping away debris, vacuuming, or hosing down, keeping your outdoor space free from dirt and grime is a straightforward process.

Flexi Tile 14 Open Grey Tile
Outdoor terrace with Flexi-Tile flooring tiles

Outdoor Floor Tiles

Providing resilience and anti-slip properties, Flexi-Tile outdoor events flooring is ideal for use at weddings, concerts and festivals

Carefully planning outdoor events flooring is essential for creating a safe, comfortable and visually appealing environment for attendees. Whether it’s a festival, wedding, trade show or any other outdoor event Flexi-Tile manufacture a durable, resilient outdoor event floor tile packed with features and benefits.

Flexi-Tile Open 14 is fitted with small drainage points to provide an anti-slip surface capable of draining excess liquids, making it perfect for outdoor events spaces that experience liquid spillage and overflow from weather conditions.

Flexi-Tile outdoor events flooring is manufactured from the highest quality materials, these tiles can be used to transform outdoor areas. Flexi-Tile Open 14 can also be interlinked with Flexi-Tile Comfort 14 tiles providing the best option for areas where it’s important to support people’s comfort whilst offering a safe place to work.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to install, no adhesives
  • Good draining properties
  • Ventilates the floor underneath
  • Use indoors or out
  • Noise absorbing
  • Movable as required
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Attractive, durable and practical
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Keeps users safe and comfortable
Dimensions (mm): 490 x 490
Weight (kg): 2.5
Thickness (mm): 14
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How to install Flexi-Tile

Flexi-Tile is designed to be easily installed on damaged, uneven or cracked  concrete/epoxy surfaces. We have a Flexi-Tile installation guide available to help get you started on laying your interlocking floor tiles, whether its for a domestic, commercial or industrial flooring project. 

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