Flexi-Tile floor tiles in modem gym

Why choose Flexi-Tile?


Flexi-Tile interlocking PVC gym floor tiles are not only durable but also add a touch of style to your fitness space. Manufactured in our factory using high-performance polymer (HHP), Flexi-Tile gym floor tiles are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, heavy gym equipment, weights and workout areas.

10-year Guarantee

We supply long lasting quality flooring for your fitness and gym environments. Flexi-Tile gym tiles come with a 10 year guarantee tiles and typically last for at least 20 years. 

Minimal Preparation

Flexi-Tile interlocking PVC tiles can be laid over almost any surface, including cracked or uneven concrete, resulting in a visually pleasing and even gym floor.

Fast Installation

Get your gym up and running quickly with our PVC gym floor tiles. Installation is quick and easy – with a few basic tools you can lay our floor tiles yourself.

Modular Interlocking System

Our smart modular interlocking floor tile system allows for staged completion of areas, ensuring your gym is ready for action in no time.

Anti-Slip Properties

Safety is a top priority for your gym. Our gym floor tiles are designed with anti-slip properties, providing excellent surface traction. Unlike other flooring types, such as concrete or epoxy resin, our anti-slip properties can help to prevent accidents and protect gym-goers.

Easy to Clean

Flexi-Tile gym floor tiles are easy to clean and maintain. A simple sweep, vacuum or damp-mop, keeps your gym space free from dust and dirt.

gym floor at tennis club
Tennis club gym floor
flexi-tile gym floor tiles in gym
Flexi-Tile floor tiles in modem gym
Flexi-Tile floor tiles in modem gym

Sports Facilities & Gym Flooring

Flexi-Tile interlocking tiles are a perfect flooring solution for gym and sports environments.

Our tiles lend themselves well to gyms with anti-slip surface properties that ensure stability during intense training sessions. 

Our gym tiles are not only visually appealing, but also hard-wearing and stain-resistant, providing a durable foundation for your fitness space.

Designed to withstand the impact of heavy gym equipment and repetitive physical activities, Flexi-Tiles boast an exceptionally durable surface that requires minimal maintenance.

Flexi-Tile gym floor tiles come with a 10-year guarantee, offering a cost-effective solution for your gym flooring needs. The interlocking tile system offers quick and easy installation, and can be fitted on top of most existing surfaces with minimal preparation.

Choose from a variety of colours to seamlessly integrate Flexi-Tile into the aesthetic of your gym or sporting facility while ensuring the floor also meets all the essential flooring requirements and more.

Elevate your training environment with Flexi-Tile, where resilience meets style for a workout space that works as hard as you do.

Features and benefits:

  • 10-year guarantee
  • Easily installation process
  • Minimal subfloor prep – Can be laid on damaged or cracked flooring
  • Reduces subfloor dust and dirt
  • No need for screed, adhesive or damp-proof subfloor preparation
  • Available in various colours & textures
  • Bespoke logo tiles available
  • Anti-Slip R10 certified
  • Stain and impact resistant
  • Reaction to fire performance BFL-S1
  • Sound and warmth insulation properties
  • ISO9001 accredited
Dimensions (mm): 516 x 516
Weight (kg): 1.5
Thickness (mm): 5
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How To Install Flexi-Tile

Flexi-Tile interlocking floor tiles are quick and easy to install.

Watch our YouTube video to discover just how easy it is to interlock our tiles together, to create a seamless and durable floor cover.

To get started on your installation project, you can download our comprehensive installation guide by clicking here

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