Grey and yellow ESD floor in a factory

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  • ESD floor tiles: Tailored solutions for environments with electrical components and static discharge.
  • 10-year wear guarantee: Enjoy long-lasting durability with a 10-year guarantee and expected lifespan of 20+ years.
  • Easy installation: Effortlessly transform your space with a quick and easy installation process.
  • Low maintenance: Our tiles are stain resistant and easily maintained with minimal effort.
  • Reaction to fire: Safety feature included with a BFL S1 rating for fire responsiveness.
  • Anti-Slip features: R10 anti-slip certified performance for traction underfoot.
  • Resistant to most chemicals: Handle spills easily, our tiles resist most chemicals.
  • 100% recyclable: Choose eco-friendly with 100% recyclable materials.
  • Sound absorbing: Create a quieter space with our sound-absorbing tiles.
  • Resists punctures & abrasions: Tough and resilient, our tiles stand up to demanding environments.

Flexi-Tile ESD 5mm tiles are suitable for:

  • Electronic assembly lines
  • Office
  • Computer suites

Staining Resistance- Yes

Castor Chair Suitability- Yes

Squareness & Straightness- <0.05

Abrasion Resistance (Wear Group)- T

Class 34- Commercial/Very Heavy- Yes

Class 43- Light Industrial/ Very Heavy- Yes

Flexibility- No cracking at 10mm

B02 Light Fastness >7

Residual Indentation (mm)- ≤0.10

Impact Noise Reduction (Db)- 16

Dimensional Stability (%)- 0.11

Curling After Exposure Heat (mm)- 0.15

European Building Standard- Yes

Reaction to Fire Performance- Bfl-S1

Formmaldehyde Content (Class)- E1 (CWFT)

Thermal Resistance (m2 F/W)- 0.03807

Electrical Resistance (Ohms)- ≤1014Ω

Static Electrical Propensity  (Kv)- <0/2

Slip Resistance (Class)- DS

German Standard Slip Resistance- R10

Mechanical Resistance- 17N/mm2

Reach Compliant- Yes

Hardness- 92

Dimensions (mm): 500 x 500
Weight (kg): 1.8
Thickness (mm): 5
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Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Flooring

Flexi-Tile ESD 5mm

Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Tiles

Flexi-Tile ESD 5 tiles are the most advanced and safe flooring solution on the market for work environments where electrostatic electricity is a hazard to both machinery and employees.  

The ESD tiles work by redirecting electrical discharge through stainless steel microfibres within the structure of the tiles. Each tile is connected to a subfloor conductive grid with various earth points, eliminating potentially dangerous electrical current. Our ESD tile meets the safety standard BS EN 61340-5-1-2010.

ESD grounding kits are essential for installing ESD tiles, the kit consists of a  grounding strip, plug and connector. Flexi-Tile ESD flooring can be used as the  primary grounding mechanism for the creation of an electrostatic protective area (EPA) in your factory, warehouse or office.

Benefits and technical features:

  • Easy interlocking tiles
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-slip R10 Certified
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sound absorbing
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Resists punctures & abrasions
  • Available in dark grey & light grey

How to install Flexi-Tile

Flexi-Tile interlocking floor tiles are quick and easy to install.

Watch our YouTube video to discover just how easy it is to interlock our tiles together, to create a seamless and durable floor cover.

To get started on your installation project, you can download our comprehensive installation guide by clicking here

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