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Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Lock-Mat Comfort tiles are expertly designed using a unique ergonomic system, making them perfect for areas that require prolonged periods of standing, helping to stimulate circulation and reducing tiredness in the back and legs.

Ideal for factory production lines, workshops, garages and play areas, the Lock-Mat Comfort is the first choice when it’s important to support people’s comfort whilst providing a safe and durable flooring system.

At 17mm thick, the Lock-Mat Comfort is hard-wearing, tough and designed for prolonged use. The dimpled surface is not only designed for ergonomic purposes but also improves heat insulation, by giving protection against cold flooring beneath. The Lock-Mat Comfort reduces the chance of breakage of fallen objects whilst providing improved noise-reduction capabilities.

Flexi-Tile Comfort floor tiles are suitable for:

  • Cashiers desk area
  • Play areas
  • Production facilities
  • Workshop

Thickness - 17mm
Staining Resistance - Yes
Castor Chair Suitability - Yes
Squareness & Straightness - <0.04
Abrasion Resistance (wear group) - T
Class 34/43 - Commercial … - Yes
Very Heavy/ Light Industrial - Yes
Flexibility (mm) - No cracking at 10mm
B02 Light Fastness - >7
Residual Indentation (mm) - ≤0.10
Impact Noise Reduction (dB) - 16
Dimensional Stability (%) - 0.01
Curling After Exposure Heat (mm) - 0.15
European Building Standard -Yes
Reaction To Fire Performance - Bfl-S1
Formaldehyde Content (Class) - E1 (CWFT)
Thermal Resistance (m2 k/w)- 0.01638
ESD Electrical Resistance (ohms) - ≤10 5-9Ω
Static Electrical Propensity (kV)- <2.0
Slip Resistance (class)- DS
German Standard Slip Resistance - R10

How to install Flexi-Tile

Flexi-Tile is designed to be easily installed on damaged, uneven or cracked  concrete/epoxy surfaces. We have a Flexi-Tile installation guide available to help get you started on laying your interlocking floor tiles, whether its for a domestic, commercial or industrial flooring project. 

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Flexi-Tile Comfort floor tiles

For durable flooring that also provides support in areas that require prolonged standing, the Flexi-Tile Comfort 14 is the ideal choice.

Manufactured to the highest standards, Flexi-Tile Comfort 14 tiles are expertly designed using a patented ergonomic system, helping to stimulate circulation and reducing tiredness in the back and legs.

The dimpled surface also improves heat insulation by giving protection against cold flooring beneath and helps reduce the chance of breaking fallen objects.

Benefits of the Comfort 17mm tile:

  • Ergonomic design supports legs and back
  • Interlocking PVC tile
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-Slip R10 Certified
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sound Absorbing
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Resists punctures & abrasions
  • Reaction to fire performance- BFL-S1
Dimensions (mm): 490 x 490
Weight (kg): 2.5
Thickness (mm): 14
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