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Manufacturing Powerhouse

Here at the Flexi-Tile offices and factory headquarters based in Lisburn, we manufacture our full range of Flexi-Tile industrial interlocking floor tiles in our ISO 9001 / 14001 certified UK factory premises. We are proud of our manufacturing capabilities. We manage and control the full production process ourselves and we don’t outsource to external suppliers or manufacturers.

Internal control of the manufacturing processes involved delivers a host of benefits for our valued customer base. Read on to discover the full range of benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer:

Quality Assurance:

Our in-house manufacturing gives us direct control over the production process required for producing high quality PVC interlocking tiles every time.

Our customers benefit from consistently well-made products that meet tightly controlled quality checks.

Stringent quality control can address any issues that may arise and take an agile approach to fix the issue promptly, which helps to retain the high standard of customer satisfaction.

Faster Delivery and Lead Times:

In-house manufacturing also allows Flexi-Tile to deliver shorter production and delivery lead times.

Having the ability to streamline internal processes and have better control over production timelines, results in faster order fulfilment and reduced waiting times for our customers.

We can respond to quickly to customers who may have turnaround time-sensitive requirements.

Direct Communication and Support:

With in-house manufacturing, customers can benefit from having an open and direct communication channel with our sales team here at head office.

Customers can contact Flexi-Tile for expert in-house advice from flooring experts, product designers, engineers and manufacturing experts, to address any questions, concerns, or specific requirements.

We know that this direct line of communication, with a personal touch, enhances the overall experience of choosing to purchase flooring with Flexi-Tile.

Product Innovation and Upgrades:

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allows us to be innovative and introduce product upgrades or enhancements more efficiently. We as the manufacturer have the ability to integrate new technologies, features, incorporate the latest industry trends or technological advancements to our range when required.

After-Sales Support and Service:

A ‘one stop shop’ approach to our business allows Flexi-Tile to deliver on-going after-sales support and service. We are experts within the PVC interlocking tile market and we are very proud of our product range.

Flexi-Tile can support with technical assistance, advice, warranty support and maintenance services. We strive to give our customers the peace of mind to know that they can rely on Flexi-Tile for assistance throughout the product lifecycle.

Pricing Stability:

Our in-house manufacturing reduces the dependency on external suppliers, which helps us to mitigate any risks associated with supply chain fluctuations, even during periods of economic change.

By explaining the many benefits of our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we aim to instil full confidence in our ability to deliver an excellent range of PVC interlocking floor tiles.

Our customers can expect quality, faster delivery, direct support, product innovation, and enhanced after-sales service every time.

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