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Industrial Floor Tiles

Flexi-Tile heavy duty industrial floor tiles are designed and manufactured with a 'loose-lay' interlock system, so tiles to fit seamlessly together to create a hard wearing industrial floor covering.

Our industrial PVC floor tiles are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as retail units, commercial premises, factories, warehouse floors, exhibition halls and car showrooms.

In-House Manufacturing

Flexi-Tile is one of Europe’s largest industrial flooring tile companies. Our office and factory Headquarters are based in the UK and we ship our products to customers globally.

We are experts in what we do and have been manufacturing and delivering high quality, industrial flooring tiles to the global market since 2009.

Durable And Long Lasting 

Our heavy duty industrial tiles provide customers with a durable, reliable and long lasting floor cover.

Flexi-Tile is designed to withstand heavy footfall traffic, weight bearing loads and machinery traffic such as forklifts and pallet trucks.

Quick And Easy Installation

Flexi-Tile tiles offer a quick and easy installation process. You can install Flexi-Tile industrial floor tiles yourself with a few basic tools and in sections if required.

Our industrial floors are a low maintenance flooring solution and designed to be installed quickly with minimal hassle and without causing disruption to your business.

10 Year Guarantee

We issue a 10 year guarantee with all our floor tiles and our tiles have an expected lifespan of 20+ years, because we know that quality lasts.

No Disruption

Other traditional flooring solutions such as epoxy resin and re-painting, often require significant curing or drying times, a factor that can sometimes get overlooked when planning an industrial floor project deadline or business downtime.

Our interlocking floor tiles require minimum sub floor preparation and can be installed directly onto uneven, cracked or damaged floors.

Added Features

Our floor tiles are packed with added features and benefits such as anti-slip R10 certified, anti-fatigue, sound absorbing, resistance to punctures and abrasions properties.

Flexi-Tile PVC flooring solutions are produced using high performance polymer (HPP), 100% non-toxic materials and manufactured in our environmentally sustainable factory. 

Carbon Neutrality

Flexi-Tile has recently embarked on the next stage of working towards Carbon Neutrality. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and whatever we cannot reduce we offset against various sustainable initiatives.

Setting High Standards

Manufactured and distributed from our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production facility, ensures we can deliver on our quality standards.



Flexi-Tile industrial flooring is known for durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic, impact and abrasion. With a 10 year wear guarantee and life expectancy of over 20+ years this is the perfect flooring choice for environments with heavy machinery, equipment and constant movement.
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Designed to fit together seamlessly, Flexi-Tile can be installed directly on cracked, damaged or uneven floors with minimal sub floor preparation. Unlike epoxy resin or painting floors, there is no curing or drying times to factor into the project. Quick and easy installation results in minimal downtime for your business.


PVC industrial flooring tiles help to protect concrete floors from cracking and dilapidating over time due to heavy footfall or machinery traffic. Additionally, our heavy duty floor tiles offer shock-absorbing properties, helping to reduce the impact on joints and fatigue, which is particularly beneficial in areas where prolonged standing is common.
Anti Slip


Flexi-Tile PVC interlocking flooring tiles are designed to have anti-slip properties, providing a safer working environment by reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, we manufacture floor tiles with enhanced Electro Static Dissipate (ESD) properties, which is important for a safe working environments where electrostatic electricity is a hazard to machinery, employees or customers.
Enviromentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Our heavy duty industrial flooring tiles are made from 100% recyclable material and manufactured in our environmentally sustainable factory. We place this at the heart of what we do as our business works towards carbon neutrality. Our commitment will help to mitigate climate change and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Easy Clean

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain. Flexi-Tile PVC floor tiles can be swept, vacuumed or damp-mopped to keep it free from dirt, dust and debris. The carefully designed interlocking tile system allows our floor tiles to fit seamlessly together to create a smooth surface making it easy to wipe down and remove any spills or stains.


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Flexi-Tile Solutions For Slippery Epoxy Floor

A manufacturing company with a warehouse facility contacted Flexi-Tile searching for a flooring solution to resolve the challenges they were encountering with their current painted epoxy floor. Flexi-Tile is an ideal warehouse flooring solution that simply won’t let you down. 

Garage Floor tile Project

Garage Flooring Project For Classic Vehicles

A recent Flexi-Tile customer with a passion for all things automotive, was looking for a garage upgrade. The existing concrete floor was dusty, cold and uninspiring. Discover how Flexi-Tile helped transform a mundane concrete floor into a garage space that is nothing short of impressive.


Business Warehouse Flooring Refurbishment

XOCEAN provide turnkey ocean data collection services. Flexi-Tile arranged a site visit for our client, to our factory and showroom based in Lisburn, to view the full range of PVC interlocking tiles and discuss the most suitable application for their refurbishment.


“Flexi-Tile allowed us to install a professional floor ourselves, using our own staff. The product was easy to work with and has provided us with a durable, high grip floor. We are delighted with the performance of Flexi-Tile over the past few months as it has completely transformed our workspace”
Mark Fitzpatrick


Flexi-Tile, part of the Unicorn Group, is passionate about nurturing emerging talent and shaping careers in the manufacturing sector.

Case Study

Northern Ireland’s number one crisp brand, 'Tayto' recently embarked on a warehouse flooring project in collaboration with Flexi-Tile. 


ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and anti-static flooring explained... Mitigate the risks of electrostatic discharge to protect company assets.