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Warehouse Flooring Project – Case Study

Flexi-Tile solutions for a slippery epoxy warehouse floor

A manufacturing company with a warehouse facility contacted Flexi-Tile searching for a flooring solution to resolve the challenges they were encountering with their current painted epoxy floor.

Customer Background:

Our client outlined that their warehouse floor had recently been painted using an epoxy paint system. However, the issue was that the epoxy floor had presented significant challenges for the warehouse facility.

The epoxy floor was excessively slippery and simply unsuitable for their manufacturing operations. The epoxy floor was impacting their warehouse productivity and resulting in work downtime.

Customer Request:

Naturally one of the first questions our client asked Flexi-Tile was regarding the ‘slip resistance’ of Flexi-Tile’s floor system.

Our client also needed assurance that Flexi-Tile warehouse flooring could withstand the heavy-duty machinery and equipment used in their warehouse, including a 4.5-ton forklift and a 1.6-ton three-wheel forklift. Rubber conveyor belts were frequently being dragged across the floor and therefore durability would be essential.

Additionally, a small portion of their warehouse floor was sloped and our client needed to know if Flexi-Tile warehouse tiles would be suitable for this uneven terrain.

Lastly, the customer was curious about the installation process, specifically whether the warehouse tiles could be bonded to their existing epoxy floor and if they could be easily replaced over time if necessary.

Flexi-Tile Solution: 10mm Heavy-Duty Floor Tile


Slip Resistance:

Flexi-Tile warehouse flooring tiles are manufactured with an R10 certified slip rating to provide excellent traction perfect for warehouse environments, and we also offer a range of surface finishes and coatings that can enhance slip resistance. 

Heavy-Duty Machinery Compatibility: 10mm tile

Flexi-Tile warehouse flooring tiles are manufactured from high-quality materials and are extremely durable, designed to withstand moving workloads greater than 1000kg. We recommended the Flexi-Tile Heavy Duty 10mm floor tile for this customer project, as the warehouse is subject to daily use of forklifts, pallet trucks and other heavy production machinery. 

Sloped Floor Compatibility: 

The slight sloped area on this warehouse floor could be easily accommodated for. Flexi-Tile interlocking warehouse tiles can handle uneven surfaces at a gradient of up to 7mm per 2m of concrete subfloor and 5mm per 2m for wood subfloor.

For any areas with a greater variance, we advise to use a self-levelling repair compound to level areas out before tile installation and/or use of an adhesive in the minority of flooring projects, but our flooring experts can advise based on specific flooring requirements.

Installation and Bonding: 

Flexi-Tile modular warehouse tiles are typically installed as a loose-lay flooring cover, meaning they are typically not directly bonded to the subfloor. However, tiles can be bonded onto epoxy floors using an adhesive if additional strength and resilience is required.

Before and After Photos 

Our client’s satisfaction with the outcome of this project was evident. Mark, kindly provided us with these fantastic before and after photos, detailing the installation process from start to finish. It was a pleasure to work with our client on this project and the results look amazing – thank you Mark!

Interested in Flexi-Tile for a warehouse project?

Flexi-Tile warehouse tiles are packed with features and benefits, and is an ideal warehouse flooring solution that simply won’t let you down. If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch with one of our flooring experts.

Our products

Flexi-Tile offer a range of industrial floor tiles suitable for warehouses:

Features and benefits:

  • 10-year wear guarantee
  • Easily and quickly cleaned 
  • Minimal floor preparation before installing
  • No need for adhesives in the majority of projects
  • Impact resistant against heavy machinery
  • Available in various colours and finishes
  • Anti-Slip R10 certified
  • Stain resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Reaction to fire performance BFL-S1
  • Sound and heat insulation properties
concrete floor in warehouse
Flexi-Tile being installed in warehouse
Flexi-Tile being installed in warehouse

Customer Testimonial 

“Flexi-Tile allowed us to install a professional floor ourselves, using our own staff. The product was easy to work with and has provided us with a durable, high grip floor. We are delighted with the performance of Flexi-Tile over the past few months as it has completely transformed our workspace” logo
Mark Fitzpatrick

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