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Top tips for maintaining your home garage

Could you do without your home garage? Probably not, a domestic essential when it comes to storage; your car, the patio furniture and let’s face it everything yet to be thrown out. We’re all guilty of putting off garage upkeep, closing the door and forgetting what lies behind at some point in our lives. Possibly only tending to the garage a few times a year when the weather improves and a much needed clear out and several trips to the dump can no longer be put off. Unfortunately, your garage undertakes a lot and failing to regularly maintain it can lead to unexpected inconveniences, faults and expensive repairs that always seem to pop up at the worst of times!

To help you maintain your garage, here’s our 4 quick fix tips to keep your garage in great shape all year round.

  1. Floor care: Everything begins underfoot, and it just so happens that flooring is our area of expertise! From car storage, supporting heavy loads, falling objects and general garage foot traffic this can lead to wear and tear of your floor overtime. We recommend installing durable flooring and the Flexi-Tile PVC tile range is the perfect garage floor solution, with an extensive range of colours and textures, you’re sure to find a tile to suit you! Once your floor is sorted the rest is simple! Sweep away everyday dirt and dust, remembering to take extra care every so often with a damp mop to lift the more stubborn dirt.
  2. Utilise darker colours: There’s no escaping spilled liquids or car oils especially if you frequent your garage for DIY activities, car storage and maintenance. Leaving your garage looking a little worse for wear, darker colours (floor tiles or paint) are your friends when it comes to dealing with inevitable floor stains! At Flexi-Tile we will always recommend our darker coloured (black, dark grey and grey) PVC floor tiles when it comes to garage flooring requests.
  3. Clutter free: With a lot going on in your garage it can become cluttered without you even noticing, making getting from one end to the other more like an obstacle course! That’s extra hassle you don’t need! We think your time would be better spent sitting in the sun, rather than sweating it out trying to get your patio furniture out of storage, would you agree? Try opting for more of an ‘off the floor’ policy when it comes to organising your garage; making the most of storage boxes, cupboards and shelves.
  4. Water inspection: When you find damp areas/water leakage in your house you’re most likely to jump into action and call a professional, right? This should be no different when it comes to your garage! Just as exposed to the elements if not more, water damage in your garage can lead to some unwanted repair expenses! A quick inspection of garage walls, interior and foundation for moisture and cracks is all it takes. At the first sight of water entry, call a professional for a fast solution and to save on a larger repair bill in the long run.

Garage maintenance is an easy task to put off, close the door on the unorganised chaos and find other activities to busy yourself with when the words “garage clean out” are mentioned! Often finding ourselves in the same situation, we have complied these simple tips to help reduce any future hassle, keep your garage looking it’s best and reduce unexpected repair costs. 

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