News / Tayto Group Warehouse Floor Tile Project – Case Study

Tayto Group Warehouse Floor Tile Project – Case Study

Flavourful Collaboration: Tayto Group’s Warehouse Flooring Project with Flexi-Tile

When it comes to iconic snack brands, Tayto Group is a name that stands out. From its home in Tayto Castle, nestled in the picturesque County Armagh in Northern Ireland, the company boosts a portfolio of beloved brands – notably Tayto, Northern Ireland’s number one crisp brand.

In the spirit of maintaining excellence in their facilities, Tayto Group recently embarked on a warehouse flooring project in collaboration with Flexi-Tile, and the results are impressive.

The Challenge:

Tayto Group’s warehouse needed a flooring upgrade, for a flavour store overflow area. The challenge was clear: they required a heavy-duty flooring solution capable of withstanding the daily rigours of forklifts carrying heavy pallets. Their existing floor, an old painted concrete surface, needed a floor solution suitable for warehouses that was practical, durable and long lasting.

The Solution: Flexi-Tile Industrial Floor Tiles

Flexi-Tile, is renowned for its industrial-grade PVC floor tiles, was the perfect partner for Tayto Group’s warehouse floor project. Flexi-Tile warehouse flooring is a ‘loose-laid’ interlocking tile system built for heavy-duty use. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Flexi-Tile’s flooring tiles:

Features and benefits

  • 10-Year Guarantee: Tayto Group could count on long-lasting durability.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Quick and hassle-free maintenance was assured.
  • Minimal Floor Preparation: The project could proceed with minimal disruption to Tayto’s warehouse.
  • No Need for Adhesives: In most cases, adhesives were unnecessary, simplifying the installation process.
  • Impact Resistance: Tayto’s heavy machinery would pose no threat to the new flooring.
  • Variety of Colors and Finishes: Tayto had options to match their aesthetic preferences.
  • R10 Anti-Slip Certification: Safety was a top priority.
  • Stain Resistance: Spills and stains were easily managed.
  • Fire Performance: The flooring met stringent fire safety standards.
  • Sound and Heat Insulation: The flooring contributed to a comfortable and efficient workspace.

With guidance from Flexi-Tile’s flooring expert, Bartek, Tayto Group chose the Flexi-Tile 10mm Heavy Duty option in textured dark grey, a popular choice known for its ability to handle workloads exceeding 1000kg while remaining loose-laid.

Flexi-Tile’s 10mm Heavy Duty floor tiles not only provided a durable alternative to continuously painting the warehouse floor but also created an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-maintain space. Flexi-Tile warehouse flooring tiles is particularly suitable for an environment subjected to heavy-duty traffic.


The collaboration between Tayto Group and Flexi-Tile showcases the commitment of both companies to excellence in their respective fields. Flexi-Tile is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and commercial floor tiles. Tayto Group’s dedication to providing top-quality snacks aligns with Flexi-Tile’s mission to offer robust and reliable warehouse flooring solutions that will last the test of time.

As Tayto Group continues to innovate in the snack industry, their partnership on with Flexi-Tile ensures that their facilities are equally up to the task. This project is yet another testament to Flexi-Tile delivering quality heavy duty industrial flooring solutions to our customers. It’s been a flavourful journey, both in taste and in the very ground beneath their feet

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