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Taking the hassle out of your new garage floor installation!

Have you, like the rest of us been neglecting your garage? Refusing to venture outside to tend to areas around the house during winter, is it becoming harder to pretend the cracks and marks on your garage floor don’t exist? But not to worry you’re not alone if your garage needs some TLC this summer.

Whether your garage showcases an impressive car collection, used to work on your car or simply used as extra storage, Flexi-Tile PVC interlock floor tiles are the perfect flooring solution to eliminate any signs of wear and tear. Providing a durable and quality tile without the hassle of a laborious installation process, Flexi-Tile ensures your garage will be fully operational and looking it’s best for summer!

To get the best results from your new Flexi-Tile floor installation here are our 5 top tips.

  1. Surface checks: Flexi-Tile PVC floor tiles provide a great alternative flooring solution for any garage. Designed with our unique interlock system our tiles can be installed over virtually any surface; timber, concrete, resin and damp floors. To achieve the best flooring finish simply ensure the subfloor is clean, flat and firm before the installation process begins.
  2. Floor preparation: It’s sufficient to sweep loose debris and have high points and equipment removed before the floor installation. Where your floor appears uneven this is nothing to be concerned about, as the floor tiles will adapt to the surface area. However, we recommend when checking the surface all damaged areas are treated. But not to worry Flexi-Tile can provide an easy and rapid solution to cover defects and contaminated areas.
  3. Temperature: Flexi-Tile recommends floor tiles are laid in areas of an ambient temperature between 16-24oC. While the tiles are primarly loosely laid (floating) over your existing surface, there are situations when we recommend an adhesive is used. Where areas are exposed to high dynamic point loads, strong and direct sunlight or temperatute fluctuations for example, an adhesive is best to ensure tiles don’t lift or move once installed.
  4. Tile design: Our 4.5mm garage floor tile is more than enough to tackle the demands your floor will encounter and with an extensive tile range, you will not be stuck for choice! With six tile designs available in various colours and textures as well as eco-friendly options, you can customize your garage floor to your exact requirements. While we recommend darker tiles in areas likely to encounter oil spills and grease stains, we won’t stifle your creativity when it comes to your new garage floor.
  5. Appropriate tools: Having the right tools before you get started is a must. Nothing to technical; rubber mallet to interlock, chalk to mark cutting areas/align tiles, cutting board and tape measure, is enough to ensure a professional finish. All that is left to do is follow the installation video and/or PDF installation guide available online.

Whether you fancy having a go at becoming your own flooring installation expert, these 5 tips are a great start to achieve a hassle-free floor installation, eliminate downtime and achieve the best flooring finish. However, where you would prefer our experienced installation team to take the job of your hands we also have you covered.

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