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Home Garage Transformation – Case Study

Find out how a new garage floor can transform your garage space.

Garages can often become filled with clutter and household junk and not used to their full potential. Transforming a garage floor with PVC interlocking tiles can not only dramatically alter the appearance into a stylish useable space but also offers a hardwearing, long lasting protective layer to typically a cold and hard surface.

A customer reached out to Flexi-Tile to request our advice on how to transform their dusty garage into a stylish, organised space. Our friendly flooring experts, with a wealth of knowledge dealing with flooring projects day-in and day-out, were able to advise the customer on the solutions we offer.

Durability matters

This customer requested garage floor that would endure heavy duty use and through traffic and they opted for our best-selling tile, Flexi-Tile 7mm in Dark Grey with a textured finish (see picture above for final finish). Both Flexi-Tile 5mm and 7mm are both suitable options for garage applications.

Minimal sub-floor preparation required

The original concrete floor showed signs of wear and tear and a question that is often asked is ‘Do I need to repair the existing floor before laying the new Flexi-Tile interlocking tiles?‘ and the simple answer ‘No’ in the vast majority of cases. Flexi-Tile interlocking tiles can be laid with minimal sub-floor preparation.

Flexi-Tile flooring tiles are manufactured with a dovetail interlock, giving this flooring increased structural strength whilst maintaining ease of installation. 

Flexi-Tile is also lightweight, quick and easy to install and doesn’t require professional installation so it’s the perfect choice for those weekend DIY projects!

Competitive pricing

The final result of this garage transformation project was really well received. Our customer was impressed with our competitive pricing and fast delivery!

All of our tiles come with a 10 year guarantee and a life expectancy of over 20 years and we firmly believe in ‘buy smart-buy once’. Plus our tiles have the flexibility to be lifted and reused in your next home if you decide to move house!

Tiles used in project:

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