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Exhibition Flooring Solutions

Elevating Your Exhibition with the Perfect Flooring Solution

In the world of exhibitions and events, every detail matters. From eye-catching booths to engaging displays, the success of your event hinges on creating a memorable experience. One crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is the flooring. That’s where Flexi-Tile steps in, offering the ideal solution for your exhibition and event flooring needs. Let’s explore the top reasons why Flexi-Tile is the preferred supplier of exhibition floor tiles.

1. Effortless Installation:

Setting up for an exhibition or event can be a demanding task. With Flexi-Tile, you can breathe a sigh of relief. These tiles are designed with simplicity in mind. Just lay the tiles down, interlock the seams and you’re good to go. No adhesives, no mess, no fuss. 

2. Zero Subfloor Hassle:

Flexi-Tile takes the stress out of preparing your exhibition stand. Simply ensure your existing subfloor is clean and level. Say goodbye to arduous subfloor work and hello to a streamlined setup process.

3. Reusable Magic:

Flexi-Tile’s ingenious design doesn’t stop at installation. When your exhibition or event concludes, you won’t find yourself battling to dismantle your flooring. These tiles break apart as easily as they come together, much like a massive jigsaw puzzle. This means you can use them over and over, saving you time, effort and money.

4. Easy Maintenance:

Keeping your exhibition space looking pristine is easy with Flexi-Tile. A simple brush and a damp mop are all you need to maintain the impeccable appearance of your floor. For those unexpected mishaps, Flexi-Tile also offers a range of cleaners to ensure your flooring looks as good as new.

5. Tailored to Your Brand:

Your brand identity is paramount at any exhibition or event. Flexi-Tile understands this, offering a variety of colours and finishes to align your flooring with your company’s branding. This added touch can make your booth stand out and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

6. Branding That Pops:

Your logo or a captivating graphic can be printed on your Flexi-Tile floor. This transforms your flooring into a dynamic canvas, allowing you to showcase your brand’s identity or message in a creative and impactful way.

7. Seamless Finish:

Flexi-Tile’s ramped edges and corners ensure that your flooring looks polished and professional. No need for cutting tiles to fit, which not only saves you time but also makes it easier to adapt your flooring layout for different event spaces..

8. Comfort and Anti-Fatigue:

Standing on your feet all day can be taxing, but Flexi-Tiles offer a solution. They are softer underfoot and have anti-fatigue properties, ensuring that everyone at your exhibition or event remains comfortable and engaged.

Choosing Flexi-Tile as your preferred supplier of exhibition floor tiles means making a smart investment in the success of your event. With an array of benefits, from effortless installation to customisation options that make your brand shine, Flexi-Tile offers a comprehensive flooring solution that’s hard to beat.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your exhibition flooring. Choose Flexi-Tile and take your event to the next level. 

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Features and benefits:

  • 10-year wear guarantee
  • Easily and quickly cleaned 
  • Minimal floor preparation before installing
  • No need for adhesives under tiles
  • Impact resistant 
  • Available in various colours and finishes
  • Anti-Slip R10 certified
  • Stain resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Reaction to fire performance BFL-S1
  • Sound and heat insulation properties

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