News / Ensuring Factory Flooring Safety – Essential for a Secure Workspace!

Ensuring Factory Flooring Safety – Essential for a Secure Workspace!

Factory and warehouse environments are bustling with activity and safety is of paramount importance in these workplaces. Flexi-Tile, has compiled a useful set of recommendations to help highlight where you can minimise the risk of accidents and ensure safety on your factory floor.

Material Selection: Choose the right material for your factory flooring based on the type of activities conducted. Factors to consider include slip resistance, durability, resistance to chemicals and ease of maintenance. Here’s where Flexi-Tile industrial flooring tiles shine, as they are purpose-built to meet these precise requirements.

Slip Resistance: Prioritise slip-resistant flooring to reduce the risk of slips and falls, especially in areas where liquids or oils are present. Flexi-Tile industrial floor tiles are specifically designed and manufactured with R10 anti-slip properties, ensuring safer footing for your workforce.

Load-Bearing Capacity: Ensure that an industrial flooring covering can withstand the weight and impact of heavy machinery and equipment. Choose flooring materials with sufficient load-bearing capacity for your specific needs. Did you know? Flexi-Tile’s 10mm heavy-duty industrial floor tiles boast a remarkable load-bearing capacity of up to 1000Kg, making them an ideal choice.

Chemical Resistance: If your factory handles chemicals or liquids, select flooring that is resistant to chemical spills and corrosion. Flexi-Tile floor tiles are renowned for their chemical resistance, offering protection for your factory floor surface.

Smooth Transitions: Maintain smooth transitions between different types of flooring to prevent tripping hazards. Flexi-Tile ramps and edges, available in various colours, ensure a seamless, level transition between floor levels, reducing the risk of accidents.

Colour Coding: Implement a color-coding system on the factory floor to distinguish different areas or zones. Flexi-Tile offers a wide range of colour options to facilitate clear demarcation, aiding in the creation of marked walkways, loading zones and hazardous areas.

Safety Signage: Install safety signs to indicate potential hazards, emergency exits, fire extinguisher locations and other important information. Ensure that employees are aware of the meaning of each sign.

Aisle Width and Layout: Design the layout of the factory floor with adequate aisle width to accommodate traffic flow, including the movement of materials and machinery. Avoid overcrowding and obstructions.

Maintenance Protocols: Establish regular maintenance protocols to keep the factory floor cover in good condition. Address any cracks, holes or damage promptly to prevent accidents. Flexi-Tile PVC flooring tile are engineered for longevity, backed by a 10-year guarantee and an expected lifespan of over 20 years.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Separation: Clearly define pedestrian walkways and vehicle lanes and use physical barriers when necessary to separate them. This reduces the risk of collisions between pedestrians and machinery.

Emergency Response: Develop and communicate emergency response plans, including evacuation routes and assembly points. Conduct regular drills to ensure that employees are prepared for emergencies.

By diligently adhering to factory flooring safety measures and implementing them effectively, you can establish a safer working environment, significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and enhance overall productivity. Remember, regular evaluation and continuous improvement of safety practices are pivotal in maintaining a safe factory floor covering for years to come.

Your safety is our priority at Flexi-Tile!

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