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Discover outdoor floor tiles

Let’s talk about outdoor floor tiles. With the longer and brighter days finally here to stay that often means one thing, kickstarting the many outdoor activities we have been putting off all winter!

Whether it’s business or domestic duties we’re all the same, but this can cause areas such as outdoor flooring to become overlooked and left off the to-do list. Often the first to show signs of wear and tear, if you are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore marks and floor deterioration, it may be time to give your floors some much-needed TLC this summer and consider Flexi-Tile outdoor floor tiles that fit seamlessly together using a carefully design interlocking system.

With the summer months likely to bring increased activity and footfall to swimming pools, golf courses, outdoor sport areas and even your garden decking/patio area, you need a reliable flooring system to keep up with the daily summer demands.

Specialising in PVC floor tiles, Flexi-Tile has you covered when it comes to your next outdoor flooring project with our Flexi-Tile Open tile. Providing durability and comfort underfoot, this 14mm floor tile is the perfect outdoor flooring solution to get your floors in top shape for summer!

While we pride ourselves on being able to guarantee our floor tiles for 25 years, we can’t say the same for the weather! However, Lock Mat Open is suited for all weather systems, with each tile designed with small holes to provide effective drainage of laying surface water and spillage. Moreover, the tile’s anti-slip structure helps to reduce health and safety issues.

Promising a fast and simple installation, Flexi-Tile Open takes the hassle out of your new flooring project. Whether you fancy taking the installation process into your own hands for the day or would rather relax and let our experienced installation team take the lead, Flexi-Tile has you covered.

Designed with a unique hidden interlock, our outdoor floor tiles can easily be loosely laid over your existing floor. Also, with our recommended incremental installation process your daily activities can continue with little disruption and downtime.

So, whether you are looking to refloor your swimming pool area, golf lanes or your home decking/patio area, Flexi-Tile Open is the floor tile you didn’t realise you were looking for! Check out all the benefits below, making it the best floor tile for your next flooring project.

Summary of Flexi-Tile Open

The 14mm Flexi-Tile Open flooring is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. Used in workshops, factories, golf courses and swimming pools, Flexi-Tile Open is comfortable underfoot and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Flexi-Tile PVC flooring solutions are produced using high performance polymer (HPP), 100% non-toxic and environmentally sustainable while being hard wearing.

Manufactured and distributed from our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production facility, Flexi-Tile is the first choice for anyone seeking a hard wearing flooring solutions.

Flexi-Tiles are 100% recyclable and manufactured in our environmentally sustainable factory. We place this at the heart of what we do and we aim to ensure that Flexi-Tile is playing its part in achieving a better future for everyone.  Find out more

Benefits of Lock Mat Open:

  • Designed for liquid drainage
  • Interlocking PVC tile
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-slip
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sound absorbing
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Resists punctures & abrasions
  • Reaction to fire performance- BFL-S1

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