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Suggested Tools for Flexi-Tile Installation

Flexi-Tile interlocking floor tiles are renowned for their ease of installation. Unlike traditional flooring methods that require a significant investment in specialised tools not to mention labour costs, Flexi-Tile offers customers a user-friendly approach.

This guide outlines some tools you may wish to consider for an efficient installation process.

Ensuring a Professional Finish:

  • Non-Marking Rubber Mallet: This tool is recommended for securing a tight and seamless interlocking connection between Flexi-Tile floor tiles. The rubber head safeguards the tile surface from potential damage during installation.
  • Squaring Tool: Maintaining straight lines for a professional-looking final product is key. Other alternatives include, a carpenter’s square or a straightedge to achieve the same result.
  • Chalk: A chalk line provides a visual guide to ensure your initial row of tiles is perfectly aligned.

Popular Tile Cutting Solutions

  • Stanley Knife: A Stanley knife with a sharp blade can effectively score and cut Flexi-Tile. Note: Always wear cut-resistant gloves when using a utility knife. We advise scoring the cutting line on the top side of the tile first and then carefully completing the cut from the backside.
  • Electric Jigsaw: For intricate cuts or shaping, an electric jigsaw equipped with a medium or rough wood blade is a suitable choice. Ensure a sharp blade to prevent chipping or tearing the tile edges.
  • Table Saw or Band Saw: These stationary power tools offer greater cutting precision, particularly effective for intricate shapes. However, a medium or rough wood blade is crucial to avoid damaging the Flexi-Tile surface and edges.
  • Guillotine: This specialised tool offers a clean and precise cutting solution. It’s ideal for large warehouse and factory projects to save time.

Additional Considerations:

  • Consider practicing cutting techniques on spare or scrap Flexi-Tile floor tiles before tackling your final installation.

The Cost-Effective Choice:

The suggested cutting tools detailed above (as guidance only) cater to a range of budgets and skill sets. Regardless of your chosen method, installing Flexi-Tile yourself is significantly more cost-effective than hiring professional installers. This allows you to achieve a professional-looking floor while saving money on your project.

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By choosing Flexi-Tile, you’re not just getting a great floor; you’re getting a budget-friendly DIY solution you can be proud of.

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