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Flooring comparison – PVC floor tiles versus carpet

Thinking of remodeling your office space but unsure what’s the best flooring option for you? With the market offering conflicting flooring alternatives, carpet and PVC tiles, finding the best floor to fit your space can become a bigger task than you first imagined. It’s not until you dive into the specifics of both flooring solutions such as installation, repairs, and, maintenance, that you begin to establish a clearer picture of which flooring solution will work best for you. Looking at the differences in floor installation, repairs, and, maintenance, this article aims to settle the PVC tile Vs carpet dilemma.


PVC tiles are designed to handle the rigours of office foot traffic, busy commercial environments and the daily demands of domestic life. Flexi-Tile interlocking flooring can do it all, no matter what the application, these loose-laid tiles can be installed over practically any existing floor. With only basic tools required, the Flexi-Tile flooring solution is quick and easy to install making it the ideal choice for commercial and office flooring. Anybody can do it!

Carpet installation, on the other hand, involves an entirely different installation process. An adhesive is generally used when fitting office or commercial carpet flooring, whereas PVC tile installation needs no added adhesive and minimal subfloor preparation. Not as easy to install, carpet installation usually takes an experienced fitter to do so, with carpet companies usually offering an installation fee on top of the product itself, which increases the cost for the customer. Unlike PVC interlocking tiles, which can be installed in sections, carpet requires furniture and fittings to be removed for laying. This may have an impact on the daily functioning of your business, something that is not an option for many organisations.


The loose-lay, interlock design of PVC floor tiles enables damaged tiles to be easily replaced. The lack of adhesive in the initial installation process ensures you will only have to deal with the affected area, by lifting and replacing the individual damaged tiles. Simply insert the new tile into your existing floor and in no time, it will be back to looking its best!

In comparison, as carpet generally requires adhesive during the initial installation stage, repairs aren’t as easy as replacing a couple of loose-lay tiles. It’s not simply a matter of dealing with the affected area, as a larger carpeted surface area often must be pulled up and replaced. Due to the nature of the task, requiring more time and effort, outsourcing repairs to carpet fitters is often the only option.

Flexi-Tile being laid on concrete floor


When it comes to keeping PVC tiles looking their best, a simple floor brush and mop are all you need to maintain a clean, dust and dirt free surface. With its waterproof, anti-slip surface, spilt liquids can simply be wiped cleaned without any lasting damage to your tiles. Remembering to give your PVC floors a quick clean with a damp mop and Flexi-Tile’s own formulated flooring cleaner is all you need to do.

Carpet cleaning, on the other hand often requires some form of vacuum cleaning to lift the dirt and dust embedded in the carpet’s fibres. Unlike PVC floors, the carpet cleaning process to remove stains can become a laborious task, possibly requiring the cleaning capabilities of maintenance professionals.

Offering a great solution to tired looking and damaged floors, both PVC tiles and carpet are viable flooring systems. But, before you make your next flooring decision, why not consider installation, repairs, and maintenance implications of each. Coming out on top, PVC tiles are quicker and easier to install, less hassle when it comes to repairs, and easily maintained.

Unless you have your heart set on a carpeted floor, giving PVC interlocking tiles extra thought may be worth it. So, should you find yourself leaning towards PVC tiles when considering your next flooring project, why not start with Flexi-Tile? Guaranteed for 25-years, Flexi-Tile is durable to handle the rigours of any environment and is available in a range of colours and textures. The ideal floor tile for any application, you can count on Flexi-Tile being the right flooring solution for your needs.

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