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Garage Workspace Transformed with Flexi-Tile 5mm Interlocking Tiles


This case study showcases a recent domestic garage transformation using the Flexi-Tile 5mm PVC interlocking floor tiles, with outstanding results! Our client was looking for a functional, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing floor to transform a cluttered and outdated garage into a dedicated workshop environment.

Garage makeover with Flexi-tile 5mm


The Challenge

Our client had a vision to create a multi-functional workspace within his double garage. The existing concrete floor presented a significant obstacle. Extensive cracking, unevenness and persistent dust rendered the space unsuitable for his intended use.

The goal was a durable flooring solution that could withstand the demands of his woodworking projects while maintaining a comfortable working surface underfoot.

Additionally, mitigating dust concerns was a crucial factor in creating a healthy and productive environment. Traditional flooring options, such as epoxy coatings, are impractical due to the extensive subfloor preparation and time required for curing or drying.

The Flexi-Tile Solution

Following a detailed consultation with Flexi-Tile’s flooring specialists, our client opted for the installation of Flexi-Tile’s 5mm standard PVC interlocking floor tiles. These versatile tiles are specifically designed for a wide range of applications, such as retail environments, exhibitions and domestic as well as commercial garages. The 5mm thickness provides a well-balanced solution, offering a comfortable work surface while maintaining sufficient durability for moderate workshop use.

Key Advantages of Flexi-Tile:

Choosing Flexi-Tile 5mm standard tiles addressed our client’s requirements in several key ways:

  • Effortless Installation: The interlocking tile design eliminates the need for specialised tools or professional installation. This user-friendly approach allowed our client to complete the project himself, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Minimal Subfloor Preparation: Installing Flexi-Tile on the existing uneven and cracked concrete floor was not an issue. The tiles can be laid directly on damaged subfloors, minimising preparation time and disruption to the project timeline.
  • Improved Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: The tiles provide enhanced insulation properties, creating a warmer and more comfortable workspace during colder months. Additionally, they contribute to reduced noise transmission from the garage.
  • Reduced Dust and Dirt: A significant advantage of Flexi-Tile is its ability to minimise subfloor dust and dirt migration. This feature helps to keep garage spaces clean and tidy, particularly important for woodworking activities.
  • Enhanced Safety: The Flexi-Tile 5mm standard tiles boast an anti-slip R10 certification, helping to mitigate slips and falls, by adding traction to the floor surface.
  • Stain Resistance and Fire Safety: The inherent stain resistance of the tiles facilitates easy cleanup from spills and paint drips, a common occurrence in any workshop environment. Furthermore, the BFL-S1 reaction to fire performance rating of Flexi-Tile provides additional peace of mind.
Flexi-Tile interlock tile
Flexi-Tile Textured Finish
Flexi-Tile garage flooring
Flexi-Tile 5mm for garages

A Stylish Workspace Finish

Our client opted for a stylish dark grey tile, offering both practicality and visual appeal.  Flexi-Tile PVC interlocking tiles 5mm tiles facilitated a smooth and efficient installation process. Our client was impressed by the remarkable transformation of his once-dusty and cluttered garage. The space is now a clean, organised and comfortable workshop, fully equipped to inspire his next woodworking creation. This project exemplifies the successful application of Flexi-Tile in creating a functional and personalised domestic workspace.

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