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Antistatic Flooring & ESD Flooring

Over the past number of weeks we’ve received a lot of enquiries about our Antistatic and ESD tiles so this week we’ve decided to focus on what we have available and the finer details of when you need to use what tile to help you decide which option will work better for you.

Antistatic Factory Flooring

Our Antistatic and ESD tiles are perfect for areas such as laboratories, computer suites, electronic assembly areas or any areas where static electricity generation is an issue. Our Range of ESD (electrostatic dissipative) tiles is specifically designed and manufactured to prevent electrostatic discharges from affecting or damaging electrical devices as well as for the safety of employees.

All of our Antistatic and ESD tiles are available in standard and heavy duty, in a diamond, studded, textured or eclipse finish in either black or dark grey. We incorporate the steel fibre additive used to create the different resistances into the tiles at the manufacturing stage and sometimes this can be visible on the surface of the Flexi-Tiles. In order to reach the standards for ESD sometimes this cannot be avoided and this is why we only offer the tiles in black and dark grey – so you are less likely to notice any difference in the surface of the tile.

Antistatic 109 – 1010

Installation of our Antistatic range is as quick and easy as with our standard Flexi-Tiles. There is no preparation of the sib floor necessary as the antistatic additive is already incorporated in the tiles, so you can lay your floor as normal, following our installation instructions.

If you haven’t already seen our installation video, why not take a look now and see how easy it is to install a Flexi-Tile floor.

ESD 105 – 107

Installation of ESD tiles differ from that of Antistatic as the resistance level is lower for ESD. In order to achieve the dissipative /conductive properties, you will need a grounding tile for every 80m2, this then connects to a plug socket, with the conductive tape laid every meter in a grid-like format beneath the tiles.

You can find out more about our Antistatic or ESD ranges here: or if you would like to speak to one of our team about the Antistatic or ESD tiles, give us a call on 028 9262 5898 or send us an email to and we’d be happy to help!