Sports car in garage with a Flexi-Tile floor

A Garage Flooring Project That Will Get You Racing…

A customer recently reached out to Flexi-Tile in the pursuit of a resilient sleek and hard wearing flooring solution for his newly constructed garage.

One of the first question our client asked was “Are Flexi-Tile PVC floor tiles suitable for garage floors? “The simple answer is – “Yes absolutely”

The challenge

Gary’s vision for his garage was to transform a conventional dusty concrete space into a sophisticated usable space, with a durable floor covering where he could safely park his car.

The existing concrete floor presented some common issues – cracks, rough patches and uneven surfaces.

Opting for alternative flooring solution such as epoxy flooring would have required extensive subfloor preparation, time and ongoing maintenance, making Flexi-Tile’s offering the smarter choice.

Flexi-Tile garage floor solutions

Our flooring expert Bartek, was on the case straight away, and called Gary to gather details about the garage requirements and answer any questions.

As with any flooring project we handle, one of the first questions our experts will ask is – “what will the floor space be used for?”

Through understanding the floor’s intended use, we can expertly advise on what PVC floor tile be best suited for your garage floor project.

“What thickness of tile do I need for a garage floor?”

For most garage projects, the recommended choice is the Flexi-Tile 5mm standard floor tile. However, in cases where the floor endures heavy machinery and vehicle movement, the sturdier Flexi-Tile 7mm heavy-duty tile may be recommended. The toughest option, the Flexi-Tile 10mm industrial tile, can handle weighty loads exceeding 1000kg.

Another frequently asked question, including by Gary, is “Can Flexi-Tile garage floor tile be installed over concrete? The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

A key benefit of using Flexi-Tile is that our PVC floor tiles can be easily laid on top of concrete and with very minimal sub-floor preparation required.

Flexi-Tile interlocking floor tiles can handle uneven surfaces at a gradient of up to 7mm per 2m of concrete subfloor and 5mm per 2m for wood subfloor.

For any areas with a greater variance, we advise to use a self-levelling repair compound to level areas out before tile installation.

“Can I order a Flexi-Tile sample?” – “No problem!”

We offer anyone who is interested in Flexi-Tile a complimentary tile sample, so that our customers can gauge the quality, texture and finish of our interlocking garage floor tiles.

As with the majority of our customers, Gary received a sample tile in the post and was impressed with tile’s quality and innovative interlocking design.

“How do I finish the floor edges?”

To provide a polished finish to the garage floor covering, Flexi-Tile supply ramps, edging and corners. For Gary’s garage we suggested using an edge ramp at the garage door entrance to ensure a smooth transition from one floor level to another and eliminate potential trip hazards. Our customers choice of a dark grey tile with a vibrant yellow edging certainly added flair to the finished floor covering.

Conclusion: Another satisfied customer

Gary’s satisfaction was evident, as he kindly agreed to share his garage installation by documenting some fabulous before and after photos. It was a pleasure to work with Gary and we encourage our readers to get in touch if the have a similar garage project in mind and want to know more

empty garage with concrete floor
Completed Flexi-Tile garage with Porcshe
Empty garage prepped for Flexi-Tile installation
Completed Flexi-Tile garage with Porcshe
Modern garage having Flexi-Tile installed
Garage with grey and yellow tiles being installed
Garage with grey and yellow tiles being installed

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