Garage Flooring

Garage & Workshop Floor Tiles That Are Easily Installed And Extremely Durable

Why Choose Flexi-Tile Durable Garage Flooring?

  • 25-year guarantee
  • Save with Flexi-Tile 4.5mm Standard Garage tiles
  • Easily installation - You can do it yourself!
  • Even the 4mm Diamond range can withstand extreme weights
  • Minimal subfloor prep - Can be laid on damaged, cracked flooring
  • Reduces subfloor dust and dirt
  • More durable and comfortable than garage floor paint
  • No need for screed, adhesive or damp-proof subfloor preparation
  • Customise your garage - Available in various colours & textures
  • Bespoke logo tiles available - Find out more >
  • Insulation properties - Both noise and warmth
  • Anti-Slip R10 certified
  • Stain resistant
  • Reaction to fire performance BFL-S1
  • Sound and warmth insulation properties
  • ISO9001 accredited

Don't waste your money on competitor 7mm domestic garage tiles! Our Standard 4.5mm tiles are perfect for your home garage... Find out more!

Flexi-Tile is the award-winning, original interlocking flooring solution, manufactured and distributed from our UK factory. All aspects of production are done in-house, providing absolute quality assurance to you... And that’s why we believe Flexi-Tile garage flooring is the most durable interlocking PVC tile currently on the market! Unlike other interlocking flooring companies, we can offer you a 25-year guarantee that you won’t need to replace your Flexi-Tile floor, which will save you time and money in comparison with our competitor's products.

Garage floors by their very nature need to be extremely durable and able to withstand the rigorous posed by heavy machinery and vehicles. Car tires, jacks, mechanical equipment and liquid spillages are no problem for the anti-slip Flexi-Tile garage flooring system, which is designed to withstand these and other stresses for up to 25 years!

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Customer Care

Flexi-Tile Flooring is manufactured, packaged and delivered from our state of the art UK production facility. Our locally based sales team can offer highly competitive priced flooring, whilst not compromising on the superior quality of the end product.

We are the original and largest producers of PVC interlocking floor tiles in the UK; using the most advanced injection moulding technology to produce the highest quality premium standard flooring.

Customised Garge Flooring

Flexi-Tile also gives you the option to customise your garage flooring! Now you can incorporate a choice of coloured tiles into your design - meaning you can have the perfect bespoke garage flooring that suits your taste. We also produce printed logo tiles, that you can incorporate to give your garage unique design solution - perfect for home and commercial usage.


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