Exhibition Flooring

Quick And Easy Interlocking, Portable Exhibition Flooring

Whether you need a permanent or temporary flooring solution, Flexi-Tile loose laid flooring is perfectly designed for exhibition flooring.

The ease of installation of Flexi-Tile means it’s the perfect solution for exhibition flooring, giving you resilient and hardwearing tiles specifically designed for repetitive use. Because of the ‘loose-lay’ design of Flexi-Tile - you can easily transport, install and disassemble your flooring at any venue or event with ease. 

Match your branding

With a vast range of colours and finishes available, you can choose a floor design that matches your company’s branding, giving you the competitive edge and forming a lasting impression on your potential customers. Flexi-Tile also offers 8 different coloured tiles, with which you can create delineated areas for sales sections, walkways and demonstration areas within your stand.

10-year guarantee!

Non-slip, impact-resistant exhibition flooring, impervious to staining and with a 10-year wear guarantee - choosing a Flexi-Tile solution will ensure you won’t have to replace your exhibition flooring for many years.

Flexi-Tile is perfect for event and exhibition flooring because…

  • Flexi-Tile is easily installed
  • Simple to remove when packing up
  • Easily stored and light-weight
  • Durable (10-year guarantee)
  • Easy to clean and maintain - Simply brush and mop
  • Anti-slip surface, even when damp
  • Flexi-Tile comes in many colours and textures to suit your needs

Choose comfort and style at  outdoor events

You can also choose to use the Lock-Mat Open if you intend to use Flexi-Tile exhibition flooring outside. Designed specifically for drainage, this flooring option gives support to your legs and back during the long days exhibiting at events!

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