Industrial Flooring

Designed specifically for industrial and factory flooring applications

Durable and easily installed, Flexi-Tile industrial and factory flooring is the most cost-effective interlocking PVC tile on the market. Flexi-Tile is the No.1 choice for areas where heavy loads, wheeled vehicles and machinery operate on a daily basis.

We know that it's important that your floor maintains an impact-resistant, anti-slip surface… and this is exactly what Flexi-Tile industrial flooring is designed to do. Our interlocking tiles are able to withstand the rigorous and punishing challenges on a daily basis from loading pallets, forklift traffic as well as chemical and liquid spillages etc.

The Flexi-Tile industrial and factory flooring system is quickly installed, with minimal downtime and subfloor preparation, mitigating the impact on production schedules. As the manufacturer, we can also offer our clients quality assured products and service, from the first contact to the after purchase customer support.  Made in the UK Flexi-Tile flooring meets all EU safety and production standards.

Key benefits of Flexi-Tile industrial flooring

No downtime - Flexi-Tile flooring can be installed on damage, uneven subfloors - saving you time and money without impacting your production schedule.

10 year guarantee - As the manufacturer of Flexi-Tile products, quality and durability of our products are assured. That's why Flexi-Tile can offer you a guarantee which cannot be matched by companies producing similar products.

Ideal for fork trucks and heavy loads - Flexi-Tile flooring comes in a range of thicknesses, meaning there is a flooring solution for any application. Flexi-Tile industrial flooring can be laid without adhesive, and still be able to withstand the rigours of industrial/factory activity.

Why Flexi-Tile is the most cost-effective industrial flooring solution

With Flexi-Tile flooring, you can easily solve the problem of cracked, damp or contaminated epoxy or concrete flooring with minimum ease. By simply laying this durable interlocking system on top of troublesome surfaces, you will remove issues associated with damaged flooring, giving you an instant and durable solution that will last for up to 10 years!

Flexi-Tile flooring is designed, manufactured and distributed from our UK base. This means that we can create bespoke, specific flooring for your needs, whilst maintaining the highest production standards.

Thinking of epoxy or concrete flooring? Contact us before making your decision to find out how Flexi-Tile can save you time and money in your industrial facility.