Gymnasium Flooring

In a gym or sporting environment, you need comfortable, anti-slip flooring that will work hard when people want to train hard... Flexi-Tile provides the solution.

Quick and easy to install

Gyms and sports flooring needs to be both tough and impact-resistant, whilst maintaining comfortable, anti-slip properties underfoot. Hard-wearing and stain-resistant, Flexi-Tile is visually appealing and quick and easy to install.

Offering an extremely durable surface, Flexi-Tiles are easily maintained and specially-designed to cope with the pressures of heavy gym equipment and repetitive physical activity. Designed and manufactured for safety and comfort, Flexi-Tiles are a cost-effective solution due to their 10-year guarantee, as well as the fact that they can be placed over most existing surfaces with minimal preparation.

Impact resistant, anti-slip flooring

Surface marks and indentations are not an issue with Flexi-Tiles, as they offer impact resistance as well as comfort underfoot. With various colours on offer, Flexi-Tile will suit the décor and design of your gym or sporting facility whilst providing the required flooring safety features that you need.

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