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There are so many competitors in the flooring industry each offering you ‘the best product on the market’, but from the wide variety of choices how can you tell what the most suitable product for you is?  

Naturally, you’re working to a budget and requesting quotations from several companies will help with narrowing down the options available to you. The only thing missing from a quote is the true quality of the product, strength, durability and capability to determine if the tile will stand the test of time. One way to differentiate between the options you have narrowed your search down to is to request a sample tile.                                   

Asking for a sample will immediately help you determine the quality of the tiles and help decide on the right option for you. A few things to look out for in the quality of the tile are:

·        Shallow indentations underneath the tile. A deep indentation underneath the tile means that less material has been used in the manufacturing process, usually to produce the tiles at a cheaper cost. Deep indentations also mean the strength and durability of the product is being compromised and the tile will have less ability to withstand heavier weights and higher temperatures.

·        Strong interlocking system. The stronger the interlock, the more capable the tiles are of enduring heavy traffic daily, for example, loading pallets, forklifts, chemical and liquid spillages.

·        Surface finish of the tile. Regardless of the area the tile is going to laid down on, it’s ideal when the surface has anti-slip properties to ensure the safety of you and your employees. The specific properties of the product should be listed either online or in a brochure/spec sheet to allow for comparison against companies.

Flexi-Tile Flooring stand by the strength and durability of our products by offering to send potential customers tile samples and providing brochures and spec sheets detailing all aspects of the products. In addition, a 25-year guarantee is offered with all products as standard, the longest product guarantee offered in the interlocking tile industry.

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