Industrial Flooring – 10 Reasons Why Flexi-Tile is the Perfect Solution

Did you know that Flexi-Tile offers the perfect solution when it comes to Industrial Flooring options? Concrete floors create dust and painted floors don’t last very long in a busy factory environment, and then there’s the cost and hassle involved in having to constantly repaint the floor!

Factory Before and After Flexi-Tile Floor

How would you like a floor that has to be laid once? A floor that means a one-off cost, no maintenance or relaying/repainting and most importantly, limited interruptions to your factory. Sound good? Well, that’s exactly what Flexi-Tile offers, and so much more as well!

Here are 10 reasons why Flexi-Tile is the perfect solution to your Industrial Flooring dilemma:

  1. It’s quick and easy to install. In fact, it’s so quick and easy that kids could do it (not that we suggest you get kids to lay your factory floor!), but check out our installation video here to see how simple the process really is.
  2. We offer a 25-year wear-ability guarantee so you have nothing to worry about for a very, very long time!
  3. It’s chemically resistant – just wipe up those spills when you can and don’t leave them too long.
  4. Flexi-Tile have an R10 anti-slip rating, so having a Flexi-Tile floor can help reduce health and safety risks in your factory.
  5. Flexi-Tile have a BFL-S1 rating (EN13501) which rate them very highly when tested for their reaction to fire performance.
  6. Being softer underfoot than a concrete floor, they have anti-fatigue properties so are ideal for people on their feet all day.
  7. Flexi-Tile can also have an impact on noise reduction as they can absorb a certain level of sound, whereas sound would normally bounce off a concrete floor.
  8. Available in Heavy Duty, Flexi-Tiles are suitable for a very wide variety of forklifts and pallet truck which are commonplace in factories – just be sure to check our installation guide (see it here) for details of when you would need to glue down your floor (this can differ depending on the type of forklifts you are using).
  9. You can use Different Colour Flexi-Tiles to delineate pedestrian walkways, pallet spaces and any specific areas you need, meaning you can design the floor you need and don’t have to stick with one colour.
  10. Finally, we offer an Anti-Static and ESD Floor for areas where electrostatic discharges can pose a risk to people and electrical devices.

Sound good to you? We thought it might! For more information why not watch our Factory Flooring Video which will give you a little bit more info:

So now that you’ve found the perfect solution for your industrial flooring dilemma, why not give us a call today on 028 9262 5898 or drop us an email to and our friendly team of experts can help you work out exactly what you need?

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