Feature Friday | Our Environmental Footprint

It’s Feature Friday! Today we’re looking at how Flexi-Tile focus on being environmentally friendly as part of our belief in being an ethically responsible manufacturer.

As a company, we are dedicated to helping secure the future of our planet and minimising our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we only use base materials that meet strict European manufacturing and ecological standards. These standards relate to performance, product quality and resulting impact on our environment.

We recognise our actions today will affect the heath of the planet for future generations. We make the conscious effort to ethically source raw materials and ensure Flexi-Tile flooring is 100% recyclable and that production facilities use renewable energy sources.

In addition, Flexi-Tile flooring have a range of quality accreditations and certifications, including;

·        IS09001 quality standard

·        R10 Anti-Slip Rating

·        ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

·        CE Certified

·        BFI S1 Reaction to fire rating

·        Patented ESD interlocking tiles- BS EN 61340-5 / IEC 61340 Electrostatic protection

·        REACH compliant

·        European VOC emission regulation standards


To find out more about Flexi-Tile products our ethical production process contact info@flexi-tile.com.


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