DIY with Flexi-Tile in your Home

Now that the summer looks like it has finally arrived, it’s the perfect time to get around to all those jobs around the house that you’ve been waiting to get started on!

Why not get stuck in and clear out your garage so you can put down a lovely new Flexi-Tile floor that will last you a lifetime?

Or clear out the kid's playroom and give them a ‘Lego’ floor with a difference?

Flexi-Tile Studded Floor


Our Flexi-Tile floors are so easy to install that you can have the floor laid and in use within a matter of hours (depending on the size of the room of course!).

We have a Flexi-Tile suitable for every room in the house and while we have a style to suit each of these different rooms, there are also specific benefits to using Flexi-Tiles around the home.

In your garage, Flexi-Tiles will stop dirt and dust from concrete floors getting on your cars while they can also project your concrete floors from the impact of heavy objects dropping on them.

Flexi-Tile Garage Flooring

Did you know that Flexi-Tiles have anti-fatigue properties? This is perfect for those who spend hours in the kitchen whipping up culinary masterpieces or those who never get a chance to put their feet up!

Flexi-Tile Kitchen Flooring

Flexi-Tiles are non-slip and stain resistant which makes them the perfect choice when you’ve got kids in your home. You don’t have to worry about slips and spills anymore, and as for staining, just wipe those up spills when they happen and you won’t have to worry about any stains!

And for kids who run around all day in their bare feet, Flexi-Tiles are softer and warmer underfoot than traditional ceramic tiles or wooden floors.

So now that we’ve covered the perks of having Flexi-Tiles in your home, what are you waiting for?! We’ve split our products up online so you can find the best Flexi-Tile for your garage, kitchen, playroom etc so it’s even easier to find the right Flexi-Tile for you.

So why not get this DIY project underway when the sun is shining and see what a difference Flexi-Tiles can make in your home?

P.S. Check out our installation video to see how quick and easy it really is to install a Flexi-Tile floor – it’s so easy kids can do it!


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