Helping secure the future of our planet

Flexi-Tile only uses base materials that meet strict European manufacturing and ecological standards. The standards relate to performance, product quality and resulting impact on our environment. Flexi-Tile flooring possess a range of quality accreditations and certifications, some of which include -

  • ISO9001 quality standard
  • R10 Anti-Slip rating
  • ISO 14001 environmental standard
  • CE certified
  • BFI S1 Reaction to fire rating
  • Patented ESD interlocking tiles -  BS EN 61340-5 / IEC 61340  Electrostatic protection
  • REACH compliant
  • European VOC emission regulation standards

We believe in ethical and responsible manufacturing  

We at Flexi-Tile believe that the health of our planet is the most important issue facing future generations. Therefore, Flexi-Tile flooring is 100% recyclable. We are also at the forefront of production sustainability, with renewable energy sources used in our production facilities.

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