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Top 5 factors when choosing industrial flooring

Choosing a floor that is suitable for industrial use is tough at the best of times. You must take into consideration cost, durability and ease of installation whilst looking at numerous other factors that may impact production and general efficiency of your factory.

Industrial flooring needs to be extremely durable, requiring minimal general maintenance once installed.

So, what are the 5 key factors you need to look at before choosing new industrial flooring for your factory or warehouse…

1- Minimal downtime – When deciding what on the type of flooring most suitable for your factory, the first issue that usually comes to mind is the impact that the application will have on your manufacturing production. With the likes of concrete, polyurethane and epoxy flooring, chances are that you will be required to completely shut down areas of production for re-surfacing (that might mean the cessation of all production for an extended period of time!). However, with Flexi-tile’s ‘easy-lay’ industrial interlock tiles, you can install the flooring in sections, which lets you continue production whilst the durable Flexi-tile factory flooring is laid. Saving you both time and money.

2- Minimal sub floor preparation – With any busy industrial environment, movement of stock, heavy machinery and employees can cause extensive damage to both concrete and epoxy floors. If the current flooring within your manufacturing facility is cracked, damaged or damp, this can cause excessive dust and opportunities for slippage, increasing the number of workplace hazards for employees. Flexi-tile industrial flooring can save you time and money due to its specially designed interlocking system, and how quickly and simply it can be installed. Unlike traditional floor tiles, Flexi-tiles do not need any form of adhesive or grout, instead of clicking together to form an extremely strong interlock that can withstand a huge amount of pressure from heavy traffic and machinery. Made from high-performance polymer, Flexi-Tiles are durable and stable enough to be placed over damaged or damp flooring with minimal preparation (a simple sweep to remove any lying rubbish or remnants of the preexisting damaged floor.

3- Easy to maintain and clean – You don’t need to paint, polish or resurface with Flexi-tile industrial floors. With the simple and effective design, all that is needed is a quick brush or mop to get rid of any unwanted surface dirt or liquids. With anti-stain, chemical resistant surface, our industrial floor tiles are extremely easy to maintain and the perfect solution to a hard-working, busy industrial or factory environment.

4- 25-year wear guarantee – As mentioned previously, some of the key benefits of Flexi-tile industrial floors are how easily and quickly they can be installed… on practically any surface. However, Flexi-tile factory flooring systems are also extremely durable, making them the perfect choice for areas where industrial machinery such as forklifts, pallet truck etc. are in operation. Flexi-Tile industrial flooring is the number 1 choice for durability, so much so, that we offer a 25-year wear guarantee to all our customers who purchase our flooring solution. With anti-slip, anti-impact properties, Flexi-Tiles come in a range of thicknesses and are suited to the most rigorous of industrial settings.

5- Knowledge and customer service – Flexi-Tile manufacture and distribute all our flooring products from our UK base. Unlike many of our competitors, Flexi-Tile can offer clients and partners bespoke, flexible and unrivalled expertise. We will inform and help customers from when they first enquire about any post-installation needs they may have. At Flexi-Tile we believe in a high-quality service that meets the standards set by our high-quality flooring solution.

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