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Home Garage Transformation


Garages can often become filled with clutter and household junk and not used to their full potential. This customer transformed their dusty garage into a stylish, organised space using our best-selling tile, Flexi-Tile 7 in Dark Grey with a textured finish.

Having researched various options for PVC interlocking tiles online, our customer selected Flexi-Tile based on our competitive pricing and fast delivery. Flexi-Tile is also quick and easy to install and doesn’t require professional installation so it’s the perfect choice for those weekend DIY projects!

Flexi-Tile requires minimal preparation and can be laid over almost any surface – in this case, it was a dusty concrete floor with cracked paint marks. Once the floor had been laid, this customer took the opportunity to install racking along one wall, a fantastic storage solution and combined with their new Flexi-Tile floor, it looks like a completely different space!

Tiles used in project: Flexi-Tile 7

Colour selected: Dark Grey

Finish: Textured

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