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Alfatronix & Flexi-Tile ESD Installation


Alfatronix is a manufacturing company based in Poole, Dorset supplying a range of power supplies, voltage converters and USB/wireless chargers to a wide range of sectors.

Alfatronix were searching for a suitable flooring solution for their factory and due to the nature of products being manufactured, they selected Flexi-Tile ESD. Flexi-Tile ESD patented tiles are the most advanced and safe flooring solution for work environments where electrostatic electricity is a hazard to both machinery and employees. Suitable applications include areas where electronic assembly lines are present, laboratories and computer suites.

Flexi-tile ESD tiles work by redirecting electrical discharge through stainless steel microfibres within the structure of the tiles. Each tile is connected to a subfloor conductive grid with various earth points, eliminating potentially dangerous electrical current. Flexi-Tile ESD tiles meet the safety standard BS EN 61340-5-1-2010.

Tile used in installation: Flexi-Tile 7 ESD

Colour selected: Dark Grey

Finish: Textured