Flexi-Tile Standard Studded

The Flexi-Tile Standard Studded is designed for a wide range of applications in commercial, domestic and light industrial setting. Easily cleaned and maintained, this range comes with a 25-year guarantee and is one of the most popular choices for garages, gyms and in domestic settings.

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The Flexi-Tile Standard Studded is specially designed so it can be installed on practically any hard surface, including damaged, cracked and damp flooring with minimal sub-floor preparation. The unique loose lay system means the Flexi-Tile Standard Studded is quick and easy to install, with minimal downtime in comparison to other flooring types.

The Flexi-Tile Standard Studded is manufactured with the unique T-shaped interlock design with a coined surface, giving it increased structural strength and extra anti-slip properties. At 4.5mm thick, the Flexi-Tile Standard is an economical and versatile option which is perfect for gyms, garages and washroom areas such as changing rooms and public toilets. 

Available in 8 different colours, the 4.5mm Studded range is also used in commercial premises and public areas, schools and offices. With Anti-slip and noise reduction attributes, Flexi-Tile Standard flooring meets all EU safety standards, whilst also looking visually attractive and feeling comfortable underfoot.

All Flexi-Tile flooring can be simply installed by YOU! Find out how easy it is by watching our quick installation video! 


Benefits and technical features of this product are :

25-year wear guarantee
• Easy installation
• Low maintenance
• Reaction to fire - BFL S1
• Anti-Slip studded surface
• Resistant to most chemicals
• 100% recyclable
• Sound Absorbing
• Resists punctures & abrasions
• Available in a standard or ESD version


Flexi-Tile Standard Studded

Thickness - 4.5mm
Staining Resistance - Yes
Castor Chair Suitability - Yes
Squareness & Straightness - <0.05
Abrasion Resistance (wear group) - T
Class 34/43 - Commercial - Yes
Very Heavy/ Light Industrial - Yes
Flexibility (mm) - No cracking at 10mm
B02 Light Fastness - >7
Residual Indentation (mm) - ≤0.10
Impact Noise Reduction (dB) - 16
Dimensional Stability (%) - 0.11
Curling After Exposure Heat (mm) - 0.15
European Building Standard -Yes
Reaction To Fire Performance - Bfl-S1
Formaldehyde Content (Class) - E1 (CWFT)
Thermal Resistance (m2 k/w)- 0.02364
ESD Electrical Resistance (ohms) - ≤105-9Ω
Static Electrical Propensity (kV)- <2.0
Slip Resistance (class)- DS
German Standard Slip Resistance - R10


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