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Office Flooring – Here’s Why Flexi-Tile Is The Best Choice

Choosing the right office flooring can sometimes be a tricky decision, and the main dilemma is “do we go for a wooden floor or choose carpet?” Well, we’re going to throw another option into the equation – choose Flexi-Tile.

Flexi-Tile offers a better solution than both traditional options and we’re going to tell you why. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should choose Flexi-Tile for your office flooring:

  1. Flexi-Tiles are quick and easy to install meaning minimal disruption to your business. Check out our installation video and see for yourself:
  2. All Flexi-Tile floors have an R10 Anti Slip rating, meaning one less thing to worry about in terms of health and safety in the office.
  3. Minimal maintenance – all you need to keep your Flexi-Tile floor looking great is a brush and a damp mop, but if you do want something a little stronger we also do a range of Flexi-Tile floor cleaner.
  4. Flexi-Tiles are softer and warmer underfoot than traditional wooden or ceramic flooring, this can help make the office environment more comfortable for your employees.
  5. The anti-fatigue properties in all of our Flexi-Tile floors will also make life a little more comfortable for all your employees.
  6. Flexi-Tiles are available in a full range of colours and finishes so you can choose a colour that matches your business branding.
  7. If we don’t have the colour you are after, we can colour match our Flexi-Tile floor to any colour you like (please note that we have a minimum order quantity for colour match orders).
  8. We can print your company logo directly onto your Flexi-Tile floor. Imagine the impact that would have on your customers when they enter your offices.
  9. Flexi-Tile floors all come with a 25-year wear-ability guarantee – so once you’ve floored your office, you won’t have to worry about it for a very, very long time.
  10. If for any reason part of your floor gets damaged, you simply have to replace the damaged tiles, saving you the cost and hassle of having to replace a full floor.

There you have it, 10 reasons why Flexi-Tile is the perfect floor for your office! To find out more about the ranges available, or to get a quote from one of our team members, give us a call today on 028 9262 5898 or drop us an email to and we’d be happy to help!