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Latest News | Take the Easy Way Out with Flexi-Tile Flooring

Deciding on a new floor for your business? It’s an exciting part of a refurbishment, a new floor can revitalise a business, improve the appearance and attract potential new customers. But ordering a new floor can pose many questions for a consumer. What you thought would begin as a simple decision can soon become a minefield of choices in materials, colours, trying to determine if your floor is in good enough condition and the size of the space you want to cover.

The variety of choices available on the market can be overwhelming, it becomes hard to decide and know what’s the best option for you. When all you really want is a durable floor that’s easy to install and maintain?

The purchase process doesn’t have to be like this, at Flexi-Tile our dedicated sales and customer service team are on-hand to guide you, offering expert advice through ordering a new floor. Flexi-Tile flooring is applicable to a range of different environments with different thicknessess available to withstand various levels of foot traffic and machinery. The tiles are hard-wearing, easy to clean and are self-installable. The interlocking system means that the tiles easily fit together and can cover any surface area size.

Using Flexi-Tile ensures that your business downtime is minimal and that you’re open for business again with little disruption.

Save yourself the stress and contact to enquire today for expert advice and a free quote.