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Industrial and commercial flooring projects

Flexi-Tile PVC Interlocking Tiles – an ideal solution for industrial and commercial flooring projects

New flooring systems for commercial or industrial projects represent a significant investment for most businesses. With a range of different flooring systems available, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration before moving forward with what is usually a sizeable and costly project for your business.  

From our extensive experience working within the industrial and commercial flooring sector, we know that time, disruption, cost and durability are the key factors that our customers consider when selecting the most suitable flooring system for their business. Flexi-Tile PVC Interlocking tiles are an ideal solution for industrial flooring projects and are quickly becoming the preferred flooring system for industrial and commercial use, replacing traditional finishes such as painted concrete, tiled or epoxy resin.

Fast flooring installation – limited disruption to your business

 Flexi-Tile PVC Interlocking PVC tiles are quickly and easily installed in your premises with virtually no advance preparation required. The tiles can be laid directly over concrete and almost any other surface and can be used immediately after installation. Projects take less time to complete and disruption to your staff and business is minimal. Epoxy Resin however, requires both significant preparation in advance of the installation and can take up to ten days to fully cure, resulting in major disruption for your business for a prolonged period and increased labour costs for the project.

Durability and Cost  

Flexi-Tile interlocking PVC tiles can be laid over virtually any surface including cracked or damaged concrete and the finished result will look even and aesthetically pleasing. Flexi-Tile comes with a ten-year guarantee and our tiles typically have a durability of at least 20 years. Unlike Flexi-Tile, an epoxy resin finish can be damaged by heavy use and/or falling objects and will need to be refinished in several years, depending on usage, which will be both costly and disruptive for your business.

Whilst an epoxy finish may initially appear to be a more cost-effective option compared to using PVC tiles, the total costs of installing the system and the regular upkeep required, make an epoxy resin floor the more expensive option in the long term and without the noise reduction and thermal retention properties of Flexi-Tile PVC tiles.

Anti-slip properties

A key advantage of using Flexi-Tile is that our tiles are anti-slip R10 certified which is especially important in industrial use or commercial settings where floors may see some spillages. As epoxy resin has a non-porous finish, floors can become slippery especially in wet conditions which can be challenging for many commercial environments e.g. garage floors, warehouses etc

100% recyclable

Flexi-Tile is produced from recycled PVC and is 100% recyclable and manufactured in our environmentally sustainable factory. The unique loose lay interlocking tile system means that tiles can easily be lifted and transferred to other areas making it a cost effective and long-term flooring solution.  

If you are considering installing a new flooring system for an industrial or commercial project or are thinking of replacing an old floor, our team of Flexi-Tile flooring specialists can provide you with expert advice and support on the most suitable Flexi-Tile solution for your business. Our team can be contacted on +44 (0) 28 9262 5898 or alternatively please visit our website to request a free quote or samples.