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Flexi-Tile Feature- Gyms & Fitness Centres

This week for Feature Friday we’re looking at how Flexi-Tile is the perfect product to use in gyms and fitness centres. Gyms and fitness suite flooring areas withstand frequent foot traffic, heavy machinery and equipment and need a flooring solution that can keep up with the pace.

The Flexi-Tile flooring range has all the attributes required for a gym floor and today we’re going to look at the top 5:

1. Impact Resistant – Flexi-Tiles can withstand impact from treadmills, free weights, bikes and any other gym equipment.

2. Non-Slip – All Flexi-Tiles have an R10 anti-slip rating, meaning that even when wet, there is less chance of slipping and causing injury.

3. Softer underfoot – this makes it easier to train on Flexi-Tiles that it would be on a concrete, wooden or tiled floor.

4. Heavy Duty – our Flexi-Tile 7 tiles are designed for carrying heavy duty equipment and machinery. The tiles are very tough and durable, so if free weights are left on the floor for a long period of time, this can sometimes cause denting of the tiles, but due to the nature of PVC, Flexi-Tiles will reacclimatise and return to their natural state.

5. Noise Reduction – PVC can help to absorb sound and reduce the echo in a room which can be great for larger gym classes.

Using Flexi-Tile on your gym flooring helps ensure the safety of staff and customers while appearing as a modern, clean and easily maintained floor.

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