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Flexi-Tile Customer Reviews

We’ve talked before about how we love getting Flexi-Tile customer reviews, but one thing we haven’t mentioned before are customer testimonials – something a little more in-depth than a short review.

While we love receiving before and after pictures from our customers, we especially love getting a testimonial to go with them. And the reason we love testimonials so much is quite simple really. We can tell people via our website, facebook, twitter, email, phone etc how great our Flexi-Tiles are, but who are you more likely to believe – us or someone who has bought, laid and used a Flexi-Tile floor?

There are a lot of flooring solutions available for garage floors, gym floors, factory floors and everything in between. We know that Flexi-Tiles offer the perfect solution to most floors given that they are cost-effective, low maintenance, quick and easy to install to name but a few features. But when you’re trying to figure out what’s going to work best for you it helps to hear from people who have already got a Flexi-Tile Floor.

This week, we had a customer called Mark give us a call from Kent. 5 years ago he bought a Flexi-Tile floor for his garage, and he liked it that much that when he moved house, he took the floor with him! But his new garage was bigger than his old one so he needed a few more tiles. The floor that Mark bought 5 years ago had been discontinued a couple of months ago, but we’re a helpful bunch here at Flexi-Tile and we will always see if there is something we can do to help out new and existing customers!

Within roughly an hour, we had Mark sorted and his tiles will be on the way to Kent within the week. Here’s what Mark had to say about Flexi-Tile and our service:

“I bought my Flexi –Tile garage flooring over five years ago. It lasted so well and made my garage a far more welcoming and practical environment. So good, in fact, that I took it up and re-laid it when I moved house. When I found that my new garage was bigger, I contacted Flexi-Tile. Although officially discontinued, they ran a special batch of matching tiles for me. Great service, way above what I could have expected or hoped for. Many thanks again – Mark, Kent”

If you have a Flexi-Tile floor and would like to give us a testimonial we’d love to hear from you! Before and after photos, testimonials, or general feedback – we love hearing from our customers after they receive their tiles and have laid their floors. Give us a call today on 028 9262 5898 or send us an email to – we can’t wait to hear what you think!