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The benefits of Flexi-Tile 7

Why choose Flexi-Tile flooring for your warehouse, Factory and Garage flooring.

Flexi-Tile 7 Industrial interlocking floor tile is designed to provide durable, hard wearing flooring that’s simple to install as well as easily to clean and maintain. Produced using high performance polymer (HPP) the PVC tile is 100% non-toxic and recyclable, making it environmentally sustainable.

Flexi-Tile 7 Industrial flooring tiles are specifically suited to warehouse, factory and garage flooring largely due to its thickness which provides increased durability and strength. The tiles are 7mm thick and produced with a textured finish, anti-slip/fatigue properties and sound absorbing qualities. Designed for heavy duty applications, the tiles can support and withstand daily use of forklifts, pallet trucks and other heavy production machinery.

Worried your floor is in poor condition? Not a problem, all Flexi-Tile products are specifically designed for installation on damaged, cracked and damp concrete/epoxy surfaces. The interlocking feature also means the tiles can be self-installed, saving money on additional costs for installation and minimising business downtime.

Flexi-Tile flooring is also available in patented ESD tiles, for work environments where electrostatic electricity is a hazard to both machinery and employees, e.g. electronic assembly lines.

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