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The benefits of Flexi-Tile 5

We’re looking at the benefits of Flexi-Tile 5 Standard and why it’s perfect for offices and retail applications.

Flexi-Tile 5 Standard is a hard-wearing floor that’s ideal for areas with frequent foot traffic. The 5mm thick tile is available in a range of colours with edging to suit the desired style of the chosen application. For offices and retailers, Flexi-Tile in grey provides a modern, contemporary feeling without the hassle and maintenance involved with carpet and other flooring. The tiles can also be laid in a pattern mix to give a more classic look, for example, using the light and grey tiles in a pattern layout gives a timeless finish without the hassle of installing ceramic tiles. Additional benefits include an anti-slip surface on the tiles and the PVC materials noise reducing capabilities, providing a safe floor that’s comfortable underfoot for staff and customers.

A 10-year guarantee comes with all Flexi-Tile products as standard.

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