News / FAQ’s for PVC Tiles- Everything You Need to Know

FAQ’s for PVC Tiles- Everything You Need to Know

At Flexi-Tile the sales team often get asked a number of questions about our PVC Tiles, so we thought we would answer the commonly asked questions in this article.

Q. What are Flexi-Tiles made from?

The Flexi-Tile range is manufactured using injection moulded, 100% recyclable Polyvinyl Chloride and is available in a variety of standard colours.

Q. What maintenance is required?

Not much! You can simply brush the floor to remove dirt and debris and mop to clean the tiles. A specialist Flexi-Tile cleaning solution is available to purchase from one of our sales representatives.

Q. Can the tiles be lifted and re-laid?

Of course! As long as the tiles have not been laid with an adhesive, you can lift and re-use them in another location very easily.

Q. How can I tell a high-quality PVC Tile from a poor quality one?

There are some tell tale signs to look out for;

– Shallow indentations underneath the tile mean that a higher amount of material has been used in producing the tile which creates a strong, high quality product. If a tile has deep indentations underneath it means that less raw material has been used and that it will have less ability to withstand heavier weights and higher temperatures.

– A strong interlocking system ensures the tiles are more capable of enduring heavy daily traffic, this is particularly important in an industrial setting where tiles withstand heavy machinery on a regular basis.

– Anti-slip properties. When choosing a new floor, the most important thing to remember is the safety of those working in that area every day. When looking at brochures or spec sheets for different products check that there are anti-slip properties that will ensure the safety of you and your employees in the workplace.

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