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Factory flooring – Remove production downtime with Flexi-Tile

You have mastered the best way to run your operations, streamlined the production process, sourced the best and most cost-effective resources and trained your staff successfully all to achieve production efficiency. Striking that right balance throughout your operations will enable products to be produced using the least amount of resources in the least amount of time. When operations are running smoothly your business can benefit beyond achieving manufacturing efficiency, reflected in profits margins, ROI, cash flow and brand image, all of which are essential for the future success of any company.

Despite the best efforts to remove inefficiencies, there are times when they just can’t be avoided. Relocation, unexpected incidents, machine breakdowns, resource availability and increased staff absences are just a few factors that can creep into your otherwise efficient business. However, any period of reduced production or operations out of action can cause production downtime. Failing to meet production targets and outputs you can find your business operating at a loss with costs expressed in terms of:

  1. Labour rendered idle.
  2. Overtime payments to make up for lost time.
  3. Late delivery surcharges due to delayed shipments.
  4. Loss of customer goodwill from poor service.
  5. Negatively impact future orders and overall profits.

By understanding the costs associated with downtime we can all do our best to be proactive, identify possible disruptive areas and set backup measures in place, but there are some areas that can remain overlooked. Flooring while not directly involved in the production process is an area of business that can often be overlooked. Essentially supporting your entire operations, heavy-duty machines, vehicle and foot-traffic your floors take the biggest hit daily. With signs of wear and tear likely to become increasingly prevalent over time, flooring can have a much greater impact on production efficiency than you first may have thought!

As a result, flooring defects should be a top priority and dealt with when the first signs of cracks and holes start to appear. If left untreated issues such as workplace injuries, vehicle breakdowns, and inadequate machinery support can occur and consequently slow down and stall your operations.

When it comes to tackling flooring issues it’s important to be aware of its lifetime, installation process and time. Choose the wrong flooring system and you could find your operations facing a greater period of downtime!

Offering a premium, durable and hassle-free solution Flexi-Tile’s PVC interlock tiles are the perfect solution for defective industrial floors. Our unique interlock design offers the perfect flooring solution for getting rid of those unsightly flooring defects. Understanding the negative impact production shutdowns and hold-ups can have on efficiency, our loosely laid floor tiles help to ensure your operations continue at optimal capacity by eliminating production disruption and downtime!