Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Flooring

Protect Your Machinery And Components With Flexi-Tile ESD Flooring

ESD floor tiles are used in a broad range of manufacturing facilities and offices. Created for areas where electrostatic discharge is an everyday threat, patented Flexi-Tile ESD (Electro Static Dissipative) tiles are specifically designed and manufactured to prevent damage to electrical devices and maintain safety for employees.

Europe's Only Patented ESD Interlocking PVC Floor Tile

Flexi-Tile’s ESD flooring works by redirecting electrical discharge through stainless-steel microfibers within the inner structure of the tile. Each tile is connected to a subfloor conductive grid with various earth points, eliminating potentially dangerous electrical current.

Flexi-Tile ESD flooring systems provide safety for anyone working in environments where the threat of shock or electrocution is at its highest. Whilst ensuring employee safety, ESD flooring guards against electrical damage to expensive equipment and components.

Our ESD flooring is the only patented electrostatic dissipative PVC tile on the market. Flexi-Tile ESD flooring meets all EU standards regarding safety and noise reduction and is simple to install.  So, for peace of mind, Flexi-Tile is the safest choice for industrial and office ESD PVC flooring tiles.

Easily Installed, Comfortable Underfoot

With an increasing number of interconnected devices, servers and electrical equipment in the work environment, employers are turning to Flexi-Tile patented ESD flooring to protect both employees and expensive equipment. The patented Flexi-Tile ESD flooring not only provides complete safety but also maintains the comfort and ease of installation of other Flexi-Tile flooring solutions.

Our ESD tiles comply with British Standard IEC: 61340-5-1-2010 with an Electrical Resistance (BS EN 1081) of between ≤ 105Ω - ≤ 109Ω (Ohms).

For more information on how our ESD flooring can protect your components, machinery and staff – contact our specialist team who are more than happy to help with all your enquiries.