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10 Reasons Why Flexi-Tile is the Perfect Garage Floor

A couple of weeks ago we started putting together a couple of ‘Top 10’ blogs on why Flexi-Tile is the perfect solution for Industrial floors and Gym floors, and they were a massive hit! So we have decided to continue on this path and do a whole series of ‘Top 10’ for our 10 most popular tile installations and this week we’ll be focusing on Garage floors.

Now that the summer months are approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about updating your garage floor. And Flexi-Tile really is the perfect solution to every garage floor, whether you’ve got a domestic garage or commercial mechanics garage, we have a Flexi-Tile that is perfect for you!

So here we go, our Top 10 reasons why Flexi-Tile is the perfect Garage Floor:

  1. Flexi-Tiles are chemically resistant – just wipe up any oil spills etc to avoid the risk of staining.
  2. They are anti-slip, even when wet. So after all that rainwater and snow run off your car and onto the garage floor, you don’t have to worry about avoiding the puddles so you don’t slip!
  3. Durable – Flexi-Tiles are so durable that we offer a 25-year wear-ability guarantee with them. Can you tell me another floor that will last as long in your garage?
  4.  Heavy Duty – For those garages that will have roller jacks, heavy lifting equipment or for those who just want the reassurance of knowing their floor will withstand anything, we offer a heavy duty range that is 7mm thick and the toughest floor we do.
  5. Colours & Finishes – Are you a car collector? Or do you have a favourite make of car that you would like to match your floor too? If so, we offer a full range of colours, available in any finish so you can design the garage floor you want.
  6. Easy Installation – Our Flexi-Tiles are so easy to install. Check out our installation video below.  From start to finish, you could lay your full garage floor in less than a day (depending on the size of your garage of course!)
  7. Flexi-Tiles are made from PVC so they are softer and warmer underfoot than concrete or ceramic floors. This will make it a little easier to spend more time in the garage, especially when the winter starts coming in!
  8. All you need to look after your Flexi-Tile floor is a brush and a damp mop. We do offer our own brand of Flexi-Tile Floor Cleaner, but generally speaking, a damp mop will remove most marks on your floor.
  9. Flexi-Tiles stop dust! If you have a concrete floor in your garage, you’ll know about the sheer amount of dust that it produces. The interlocking joins in our Flexi-Tiles are virtually waterproof making it impossible for the dust to get up through the tiles which means less cleaning is required for both your garage and your car!
  10. Last but by no means least – you can loose lay your Flexi-Tile Floor (there are some instances where you need to glue down a floor, but for more info on this please watch our installation video above). This means that if you manage to damage a tile on your floor, you can replace just the one tile without having to worry about your whole floor. And if your garage is prone to flooding, just lift your Flexi-Tiles up, let the floor dry out then pop them back down again – it really is that easy!